We use high end equipment and years of expertise to capture the best quality recordings.

As well as high end hardware and software, we have over twenty years’ experience mixing genres of music ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal to R&B and Hip Hop.

We provide high quality compositions, Voice Overs, Foley Art, Sound FX and Sound Design to enhance any Film, Television Programme, Advert or Computer Game.

Green Wave Productions



Green Wave Productions has a 16-Channel studio based in Brighton and Hove, a short walk from Hove station. Our fantastic sounding, sound proofed studio boasts high end equipment with spacious vocal and drum booths.


Georgia Nevada
#No.1 Artist iTunes Download Chart!

Vocals Recorded and Produced at Green Wave Productions. Georgia is a UK based Country singer-songwriter with a voice and tone that sounds as though she could have come straight out of Nashville. Georgia's musical journey began as early as is possible to remember when her Nan would bring home country music CD's from her trips to the US to see her Aunt. She was introduced to the likes of Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley and resonated with the stories within country music as we all do. Georgia took the way these songs made her feel and was inspired to create songs that had the same powerful effect. 


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