Sound equipment


Free online mixing and mastering services are provided to you by our professional mixing and mastering engineers. Each engineer will make sure that your Hard Rock/Metal Song will go from a raw recording to an incredible Radio ready Master. All from our professional Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio in Brighton.



  • Please keep in mind we specialise in Hard Rock/Metal Music (any other genre will be rejected),

  • Please make a note of the songs BMP (Beats Per Minute) and time signature,

  • Please number all tracks consecutively, across all instruments,

  • Please name the tracks according to instrument and NOT musician,

  • Please make sure the files are .wav files,

  • Please send tracks as individual files,

  • Please make sure that ALL tracks are bounced down at bar 1 or 0; start point,

  • Please keep the individual tracks in their original mono or stereo formats,

  • Up-Load files to our Google Drive Account.



  • Please DON'T over compress your mix

  • Stereo interleaved, 24 bit WAV or AIFF

  • At the sample rate your project is in but 24 if possible

  • With 6dB headroom with no clipping

  • With master limiters switched off

  • Up-Load files to our Google Drive Account.

We will do both Mixing and Mastering of your song, but if you only require a Master, please follow the Master Instructions

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