Covid -19

Green Wave Productions Covid-19 Update


To reiterate UK relevant guidelines, Social Distancing should be 3ft or 1m. We stress the importance of using Public Transport only when necessary to come to the studio, instead please use a car, bike or walk. While we understand that it can be difficult to impossible to transport heavy equipment without the use of a car or van. We are asking that our clients use the equipment provided (this does not include certain instruments that cannot be disinfected) at the studio and if they have no option but to bring their own, please adhere to the guidelines given by the UK Government. Green Wave Productions Ltd are NOT responsible for the actions of their clients coming to and from the studio.

Since the UK lockdown we have been mostly closed apart from any remote sessions. Since new guidance has been released by the UK Government, we are able to expand our services, the guidelines relating to us are as follows.

Green Wave Productions Covid -19 Guidelines:

All remote sessions will continue.

  • These include Mixing, Editing, Recording, General Music and Audio Visual Production. Please be aware that these sessions are attended by the client, all revenant files must be supplied by the client and Green Wave Productions are not responsible for the quality of files provided by the client (as in recorded quality) given to Green Wave Productions.


Recording of Bands and Artists can commence, albeit with restrictions as set out.

  • Recording band line ups will have to be recorded individually with the use of guide tracks, either provided by the client or recorded as an initial session or part thereof. All social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting rules will be applied during and after each recording and/or session.

  • Audio Book Narration and Voice Over Artists will be asked to adhere to Social Distancing Practises. Microphone and Pop Shield placement will be advised to the Artist/Narrator by the engineer recording the session while maintaining Social Distancing. All cleaning and disinfecting rules will be applied during and after each recording and/or session.


Our vocal and drum booths add extra protection to our clients by separation from the engineer working the session.

Thank you for your understanding in these usual times and we hope to work with you now and in the near future.

Everyone at Green Wave Productions.