About us

At Green Wave Productions we work in a unique way from other studios. We work on project basis. This means we sit down with our clients and work out their aspirations, then tailor their sessions to meet these goals. By working in this way our clients get the best from their projects within an affordable budget.

Green Wave Productions was set up in 2014 by husband and wife team Pete and Faye Stannard. Pete is an Audio Engineer and Musician and runs the recording studio, while Faye is an interior, garden and landscape photographer, and is either in the field or editing her images from the office adjoining the recording space. By supplying clients with a range of creative services and packages, we work hard to make sure you stand out from the competition. Our audio services include music production, composition, audio engineering, session musician hire, sound design, voice-overs and audio visual services. Our photography services include interior, garden and landscape photography.

Music Production

At Green Wave Productions we do more than just record your music. We not only make sure you get the highest quality recordings, we can put you with producers, artwork artists, marketing and much more so you get the most out of your release or composition.

Audio Recording

At Green Wave Productions we use high end equipment and years of expertise to capture the best quality recordings. We can truly bring any project to life with great sounding Voice Overs, Foley and Sound Design.


Our photography services include interior, garden and landscape photography. Faye works with a high attention to detail and expert lighting and post-production skills to create images that will make your space stand out.